Aperture Labs was founded in 2008 by Andy Ritchie and Adam Laurie to address the many issues with embedded systems security. With the prevalence of embedded systems in the modern world and society's reliance on them increasing, it became apparent that security design had not been a major factor in the design of many of these devices. The complexities of these systems and the lack of understanding of attack vectors makes many vulnerable to compromise. Many people do not realise the number of these systems that they interact with each day such as their home alarm system, the car key and car locking system, the access control system at work. All these are examples of embedded systems that perform critical security or safety functions, however the chances are, none of these devices are secure and they are now being exposed to tech-savvy criminals and in some cases attack by nation states.

At Aperture Labs we have developed techniques and methodologies for the investigation of the security flaws in embedded systems and have provided both consultancy services and products to governments and commercial entities to secure their products.